Working on Zombie Gunship: Survival as a QA Tester and Game Designer


Zombie Gunship Survival is a top down shooter for Android and iOS devices, that was one of the top 3 games on iOS. The player takes control of a gunship and its huge arsenal of weapons while killing massive waves of zombies. You can upgrade your weapons, loot buildings and upgrade and defend your base.

When I joined Limbic in 2017, I was focusing primarily on QA testing. Later that year I started helping out the Game Design department with creating levels for future updates. At the same time, I got an in depth look at our weapon balancing and mission scripting.


  • QA testing

  • Level Design

  • Mission scripting

  • Balancing of weapons and gacha boxes


Working on Zombie Gunship: Raptor as a Game Designer


Zombie Gunship Raptor is a VR game where the player controls an Apache helicopter, while taking on hordes of zombies using several weapons. You can move your helicopter on each stage to predefined spots, to get a better position to kill zombies or collect ammo drops. Each weapon has its own unique play style against different zombie types. The game offers upgrades, gachas, various difficulties for each map as well as a survival mode.

At the end of 2017, the whole Limbic team moved its focus towards out latest game. In December that year I was promoted to a Game Design position. I was tasked with creating levels from scratch, playtesting them and improving them, using feedback from other team members. Later I added mission scripting for each level and difficulty, which included zombie spawning, ammo drops, zombie waves, and helicopter positions. At the same time I had to finalize features like loot, upgrades, balancing and audio like voice over, sounds and background music.


  • Brainstorming, designing, documenting and playtesting new features and ideas

  • Whiteboxing and playtesting levels

  • Balancing difficulties, rewards and weapons

  • Gathering, prioritizing and evaluating feedback

  • Giving feedback on features, level art, UI and sounds that were work in progress

  • Working closely with QA, coders and artists